Johnnie’s Old Time Radio Updated

Greetings Old Time Radio fans!

This is a long time overdue. I made updates to Johnnie’s Old Time Radio a few months ago, but I couldn’t find the time to post all of the changes. I’ve been going back to school and work has been crazy, but I’m back at it. First a recap of the recent updates. I’ll also add some screenshots at the end.

1) I added All Shows, Not Played, and Played buttons. I was getting a little tired of having to scroll past shows I’d already played or some I just didn’t have any desire to hear.

2) I added a menu so that you could mark a show as played. It will automatically be marked as played when you complete a show, but if you’ve heard enough or you’ve already listened to it previously, you can mark it as “played.” If you make a mistake, I also added a menu in the “played” section so that you can mark it as “not played.”

3) I added two Westerns to the group: Hopalong Cassidy and Ft. Laramie.


I’ve noticed on some devices that spacing seems to be off. I’ll be working on a fix for that in the next update. On other devices, namely the ones I own, it looks perfect, but isn’t that always the way?

You can check out my later post on upcoming updates. I’m also looking for any suggestions for future shows. I’m considering adding two more to the app.




Johnnie Ruffin, M.Sc. is an optimist, a writer, and a Software Engineer. He first published his short story "Khory's Power" with "A Place To Enter" in the early 90's. He recently won the "Brave" short story contest for Christian Writers for his short "Thank God And Be Grateful" in 2015.

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