November 6, 2015

A Look At The Liar And Other Short Stories


I was honored to have the first short story of the collection, Thank God And Be Grateful, win the The Brave contest for the Christian Writers at the NextBigWriter site!

The story is told from the perspective a little girl that has to take on the responsibility of a household. The era is meant to be just a little after slavery has been abolished. It’s a period when black Americans find themselves with a little bit of land and a little bit of hope, but even that doesn’t seem like enough sometimes.

You can read the short for free on Booksie here!

The stories of Uncle Remus inspired me to write “The Liar”.

You can also hear me read “The Liar” on YouTube here. It’s not the best sound production, but a fun listen.
Check out more about uncle Remus here!

The Liar And Other Short Stories is available on the Kindle.

Thanks for reading!



Johnnie Ruffin, M.Sc. is an optimist, a writer, and a Software Engineer. He first published his short story "Khory's Power" with "A Place To Enter" in the early 90's. He recently won the "Brave" short story contest for Christian Writers for his short "Thank God And Be Grateful" in 2015.

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