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Johnnie’s Old Time Radio App: Released On Google Play

Greetings all:

It’s finally complete and available in the Google Play Store! Thank you to everyone involved in the Beta Testing of my new app. I’m hoping this is just the first step to Ruffin Apps becoming a successful venture.

Johnnie’s Old Time Radio features some of my favorite Old Time Radio Shows such as Burns And Allen, Fibber McGee And Molly, and The Great Gildersleeves.

If you have an android device, and it’s compatible, you can check out the listing here for $1.99. You can look for the next release from Ruffin Apps in April.

New Short Story Collection: No Eyes, No Mouth Free on Kindle December 3 – 5 2015.

Front Cover of No Eyes, No Mouth
Front Cover of No Eyes, No Mouth
Back Cover of No Eyes, No Mouth
Back Cover of No Eyes, No Mouth

No Eyes, No Mouth Free until December 5th.

My new short story collection is merely a culmination of the short stories that received the most feedback.

This collection includes two previously unpublished stories: Blind Date and Trojan Man.

For its release, I’ve made it free to anyone that wishes to download it with a Kindle or the Kindle App until the 5th.

As usual, I would love it if you could leave me a review, whether good or bad.

If you’d like to pay for a paperback version you can do so here. Enjoy!